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Our office offers unique hand-on advice on all matters regarding concessions. We assist our clients in the process of competition for selection for concessionaire and render advice of corporate, tax and other issues and on the financing, securitization and dispute resolution on concession projects. The Concessions Act is a relatively new part of Bulgarian legislation and we are among the pioneers in this field. We have gained experience from our work together with several leading London-based law offices and have accepted the challenge of putting into practice the world achievements in Bulgaria.

We have advised numerous transportation and logistics companies, their counselors and suppliers, on various transportation projects’ aspects such as relations with the State, regulatory issues, competitions, concession agreements, financing, construction, restructuring, litigation, etc. We have rich experience in territorial development and infrastructure, including an attorney-at-law specialized in FIDIC who has worked on the legalization and establishment of permanent territorial development status of more than 2,000 properties. We have participated in legal due diligence analyses, preparation and perfection of securities for bank financing, project funding analyses and implementation of plans for rehabilitation or construction of projects such as Burgas Airport and Varna Airport.

Privatization in airports and aviation – especially in the developing and transitioning markets – has considerable impact on the progress of our economy. We have been actively engaged with the stakeholders in transportation projects which allows us to understand and foresee the requirements and reactions of other parties on matters which quite often have complex consequences. It is very important that the contracting parties of transport companies be well aware of the legal requirements to the sector. We have a well-rounded practice in this area and offer specialized assistance, novel advice and solutions.