Energy and Renewable Energy Sources,

Water and Wastewater

We have cooperated and continue to cooperate actively with leading European and American law firms, specialized in power projects. Our consulting activities include detailed explanations and reports on the legal framework in Bulgaria regarding operations of companies in the energy sector, licensing, pricing, investments, business plans, regulatory mechanisms; powers and functions of the state governing bodies; advice on the general legal requirements applicable to companies and investments in Bulgaria and, on the other hand, specific issues related to power producers including very detailed description of all permits and commissioning procedures and examination of various legal mechanisms to guarantee and secure the returns on foreign investments on the projects.

Our active engagement in power projects allow us to be informed in detail about the latest amendments of the legal framework governing the sector and about the tendencies in its development and the perspectives for constructing new energy capacities for the future.

We have advised different financing institutions regarding the financing and finalizing of the first large energy projects with foreign participation in the Bulgarian energy sector such as for example, the construction of a new 800 mW thermal power plant and the rehabilitation of the already existing thermal power plant, construction of the first ever wind farm in Bulgaria, construction and operation of two more wind farms, the construction of nine hydro-power plants on Iskar river, legal advice on various matters regarding Belene and Kozloduy nuclear power plants and legal advice to the financing institutions about the South Stream project. We are currently advising several Bulgarian power companies on various issues.